Identity Theft Solutions proactively helps to prevent members from being victimized by identity theft through monitoring, alerts, lost credit card protection and proprietary online data privacy and protection. If members do become a victim of identity theft, our full-service restoration component will restore identity to its pre-theft state. Identity Theft Solutions benefits cover both member and dependents for a single, low monthly rate and includes:

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Privacy Plus Software
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Bank Takeover Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring (Cyberbullying)
  • Sex Offender Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance
  • Identity Theft Insurance

3-Bureau Credit Monitoring*

Alerts members to changes reported to all three national credit bureaus – Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion®. Monitored changes include personal information, public records, inquiries, new account openings, and existing accounts reported as past due.

  • If there are key changes to a credit report, such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, or liens, an email alert is sent.
  • Notifications triggered as a result of new inquiries and/or adjustments made to a credit file are sent via email on a daily basis.
  • These reports allow members to proactively manage their financial health and monitor their identity.

Note that credit monitoring requires an authentication process prior to activation.

* Credit Monitoring coverage is limited only to the member.

Privacy Plus Software

Protects member’s personal information and internet activity from cybercriminals, hackers and others spying on them. It is used to securely store information and send email, store passwords and anonymously navigate online anywhere, anytime and with any device:

  • Secure Data Vault: Store, share and access important documents like medical records, financial records, travel itineraries, passports or anything else that requires protection.
    • Information is protected using military grade encryption, under the same laws that govern the Swiss banking industry.
    • Transferring paper documents to a data vault is easy as taking a picture and uploading them.
  • Secure Email Account: Send email securely without worrying about others accessing the content or files included in the emails.
    • Emails are scanned for viruses and can require a passcode for another party to open.
    • Easily set-up email access from a computer or any smart phone.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): This secure web tool protects data like credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, and more while online or away from the device.
    • Use public wi-fi hotspots securely to post on social media, shop online, etc.
    • Avoid data theft – our encrypted private network helps prevent data and identity theft before it happens.
    • Surf sites discreetly and anonymously – our program masks user’s true IP address, ensuring that internet activities remain private and confidential. Using this tool will prevent Internet Service Providers from selling user’s browsing history.
  • Password Manager: Makes it easy to use a strong and unique password for every website.
    • By remembering a master password, this tool will automatically fill in user’s unique username and password on any login screen.
    • Fills in check-out forms for faster online check outs. Stores unlimited passwords and skips the aggravation of online forms (application included).
    • All information stored is encrypted and decrypted locally, thus data is never transmitted without being fully secured.
    • If a device is lost or stolen, simply download the application to a new device, enter the master password, and all information will sync within seconds.

Identity Monitoring*

Scours the internet to identify the illegal trade and sale of personal information.

  • Monitors thousands of websites and checks millions of data points, and if we find a member’s information, an alert is sent.
  • Our proactive detection works in real time, giving the opportunity to stop the leak early.
  • Data is collected on an international level, regardless of a country's credit system or language.
  • The sooner compromised information is discovered and communicated, the risk of lasting damage is reduced, and chances are better for a quick resolution.

Our monitoring system covers:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Email addresses tied to different online accounts
  • Medical ID numbers located on ID cards provided by health insurance providers
  • Phone numbers
  • Social security number (we monitor credit data and public records to ensure that member’s social security number is not being used fraudulently)
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport number
  • Store/membership cards (retail credit cards)
* Identity Monitoring coverage is limited only to the employee unless otherwise stated.

Bank Takeover Monitoring

Watches for new bank and credit account activity. If someone tries to open a bank account or credit card using member’s Social Security number or other personal information, an alert is sent.

  • Our system provides early detection of suspicious bank or credit card account activity.
  • Reviews information from hundreds of financial institutions daily and flags unusual or high-risk activity.
  • Rapid detection reduces the time, money and emotional stress associated with a compromised or fraudulent bank account.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitors children’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) for objectionable content such as:

  • Drug or alcohol references
  • Cyberbullying behavior
  • Sexual references / predatory behavior
  • References to weapons or violence

Sex Offender Monitoring

Provides a report of all registered sex offenders living within a member’s immediate area and notifications are sent when a new sex offender is added.

  • If a sex offender attempts to use member’s personal information to evade detection, an alert is sent.
  • Using state’s sex offender registry, notifications are sent when an offender moves into member’s immediate area.
  • Monitoring reports are updated monthly. If any changes are reported, member is notified.
Note that alerts for this component can’t be delivered unless an email address has been provided for notifications.

Identity Theft Restoration

Assists with full service identity restoration by certified identity theft risk management specialists. Reduces the time and effort required in the event an identity is stolen. Specialists:

  • Provide support in restoring a member’s identity, and if authorized, can employ Limited Power of Attorney to complete all restoration activities on their behalf.
  • Contact banking institutions, file police reports, review credit reports, or place a fraud notification or security freeze with the three credit bureaus.
  • Make phone calls, send electronic notifications, and prepare appropriate documentation.
  • Issue fraud alerts and victim statements when necessary with the three consumer reporting agencies, the FTC, SSA, and U.S. Postal Service.
  • Contact, follow up and escalate issues with affected agencies, creditors, financial institutions, to reinforce member’s rights.

We provide peace of mind and the resolution of key issues from start to finish as swiftly as possible.

Lost or Stolen Credit Card Assistance

In the event identification or credit cards are misplaced or stolen, Privacy Advocates will:

  • Consult to determine the severity of the event
  • Obtain credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus
  • Contact each credit card company or other financial institution via teleconference
  • Cancel affected credit cards
  • Request new replacement cards
  • Place fraud alerts with all three major credit bureaus
  • Assist with interpreting credit reports
  • Provide daily ID monitoring for six months to help proactively prevent any additional identity fraud
  • Provide credit dispute assistance
  • Assist with additional lost items including driver’s license, library, and other membership card

Identity Theft Insurance*

Receive $1,000,000 of identity theft insurance coverage with a zero deductible underwritten by a nationally recognized Insurance Carrier with an “A” or better AM Best Rating. This coverage will help offset some of the costs associated with identity theft:

  • Lost wages: $1,500.00 per week, for 5 weeks maximum
  • Re-filing of loans
  • Defense cost for certain civil and criminal lawsuits
  • Reimbursement of fees: Reasonable and necessary costs incurred in the United States by the insured for:
    1. Re-filing applications for loans, grants or other credit instruments that are rejected solely as a result of a stolen identity incident
    2. Notarizing affidavits or other similar documents, long distance telephone calls and postage solely as a result of the insured’s efforts to report a stolen identity incident and/or amend or rectify records as to the insured’s true name or identity as a result of a stolen identity event
    3. Up to six credit reports from established credit bureaus (with no more than two reports from any one credit bureau) dated within 12 months after the insured’s discovery of a stolen identity incident.
* The description herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy described. Please refer to the actual policy for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Insurance coverage is limited only to the employee.