This comprehensive tax program provides members access to personal tax benefits including free tax return preparation and unlimited, toll-free, tax related advice. Additionally, members will have the most commonly used tax schedules prepared free of charge or at a significantly discounted rate.

Tax Related Benefits

  • Free mail-in tax return preparation (includes 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040)*
  • Free preparation of most common schedules that accompany form 1040*
  • IRS audit assistance
  • Unlimited advice for personal and business matters on federal taxation via toll-free phone call/fax/email
  • IRS notification assistance
  • Tax planning
  • Review of prior year’s tax return*
  • Member portal with tax tips, tax law changes, tax organization area, IRS audit area, IRS notification area and Member advice online
* Limit one per household. The free tax preparation is limited to returns that include Forms 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ, Schedule A, B and D with 14 or fewer entries. Any return with additional schedules, or that has more than 15 entries in Schedules A, B or D shall be prepared and billed at a rate of $60 per hour or the then current hourly rate.

All tax and financial assistance is provided by tax attorneys, financial analysts, CPA’s, former auditors and/or Enrolled Agents certified by the IRS. Additionally, all Tax Hotline advice is backed by a $1 million liability policy.

The VOICE Behind the Software

With today’s tax software programs, users need more than help screens. Receive tax advice tailored specifically to an individual’s unique situation. Live, one-on-one, direct answers to tax questions over the phone. When pop-up screens just aren’t popping up with the right answer, experts are a phone call away with reliable advice.

IRSspeak Interpretation

Our team of professionals will review any notice or letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service and provide professional advice on how to understand and solve the matter. Our experts assist and advise members who get audited. They review the IRS audit notification and help sort out the facts.

Members also have access to a web-based IRS audit tutorial, as well as an IRS notification tutorial that helps take the terror out of those ominous-looking IRS letters.

Tax Advisor for People in All Income Brackets

Tax consultation is vitally important for nearly everyone at one time or another. Members can seek and receive advice on the tax implications of all these everyday financial matters:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts, Roth IRAs, 401K Plans, SEPs
  • Healthcare spending accounts
  • Investment timing and strategies
  • Capital gains
  • Real estate timing and strategies
  • Tax advantages of home ownership
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement planning

Our team of professionals will also review a member’s prior year’s tax return. This review can reveal costly errors and generate a source of extra tax savings.